Team Of Robbers Squirt Feces On Victims & Then Steal Their Money While 'Helping' To Clean It!
Published on May 30, 2010

Police are looking for four suspects after Torontonians were squirted with feces and robbed after they withdrew money from downtown bank machines. Police allege that in four separate incidents since May 21, the suspects watched their victim withdraw money and followed them to their workplace. In each instance, the suspects surrounded their victim in an elevator. One suspect poured feces on the victim, a second alerted the victim and then helped rob him or her while helping to clean his or her clothing. The suspects are described as Hispanic and likely in possession of squeeze bottles or containers of feces. "They're very good. They're obviously very organized," said Toronto Police Constable Tony Vella. "You're distracted. First of all you've got feces on you, emotionally you're in shock. Number two: you don't know what to do. Number three: you got four people trying to help you and their hands are all over the place. As a result, one of them will reach into your purse or your back pocket or whatever the case may be," he said. "They'll have watched you at the bank machine and know where you put your money."


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