DAMN SHAME! Pimp Forced Homeless Women Into Being Prostitutes & Fed Them Crack & Heroin! (Peed On His Hoes If They Didn't Pay Up!)
Published on February 4, 2013

Three people from Chicago felt no shame in exploiting some homeless women for their financial benefits and now it's their turn to pay up via the justice system. In what has been described as "A sex trafficking house of horrors" by Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez, 52-year-old Keith Williams and two of his associates, cousins Roman Kurek, 49, and Sylvia Topolewski, 37, were accused Friday of recruiting young homeless women and forcing them to perform sex acts for profit. Williams is charged with Involuntary Servitude, Trafficking in Persons. Kurek and Topolewski face the same charges, along with Promoting Prostitution (Kurek) and Prostitution (Topolewski). Alvarez said Williams, who went by the street name "Shampoo," controlled as many as six women by locking them in his Schiller Park house and another home in Chicago and literally fed them heroin and crack on a silver platter. Victims who failed to turn over their money or angered Williams were beaten, starved and urinated on, Alvarez said at a Friday news conference. Williams was being held on a $650,000 bond and Kurek and Topolewski were each being held on a $350,000 bond.


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