Why Colombia Cocaine Is Once Again On The Rise [NY Daily News Investigation]
Cocaine Labs Hidden in Peruvian Jungles [VICE Educational Documentary]
Pablo Escobar: The Life And Death Of One Of The Biggest Cocaine Kingpins In History
The Human Heart During A Cocaine Overdose (Just Say No) [Educational Documentary]

647 twerk Videos Found
Mia Khalifa Twerking!!!!
Total Views 27909
ILP Twerk Session (M4TVMiracle)
Total Views 161870
Thick Sexy Big Booty Houston Girl Gets Fucked After Shaking Her Pussy!
Total Views 198868
Amber Rose Twerking On Chris Brown At Supper Club LA
Total Views 30354
This Girl Must've Been Eating Cornbread Her Whole Life!
Total Views 169459
Sexy Red Bone College Chick With Heart-Shaped Panties On Dances To 'Stupid Hoe' By Nicki Minaj!
Total Views 81471
Miss Virgo (feat. Rook & Fa$$ Money) - Throw Dat [Music Video]
Total Views 12621
Ricky Freezer - Trampoline Booty [Music Video]
Total Views 19798
Floyd Mayweather With 10 Half Naked Models Twerkin in Front of His Face
Total Views 54967
Lanipop Twerks Her Sexy Ass!
Total Views 24620
Redbone Twerk Session
Total Views 16756
Jessy Hitta Twerks While Baking A CAKE!
Total Views 25516
iLoveMakonnen 'Tuesday' and the MOST Beautiful Ass You'll EVER See!
Total Views 399806
White Girl Twerk Session
Total Views 60874
Number One Twerker In The World! (Makes A Six Figure Salary For Shaking That Nice ASS!)
Total Views 66362
Mz GripDat Exotic Twerk Session
Total Views 14416
Big Booty Blaze Twerks
Total Views 45253
Nicki Minaj Anaconda UK BOOTY Twerk Contest!
Total Views 28816
Playboy Playmates Skate The Pink Motel
Total Views 39502
Twerk Team Twerks To 'Tuesday' By iLoveMakonnen
Total Views 234914
Draya Michele Twerking In The Backseat
Total Views 51883
Amber Rose Twerking To Celebrate Wiz Khalifa New Album
Total Views 54374
Pass Me That BOOTY! Lanipop Twerking To 'Hookah' By Tyga And Young Thug!
Total Views 48211
Joseline Hernandez (@MsJoseline) Hosts Twerk Contest at Club Wall Street
Total Views 42275
P.O.P. (Power of Pussy) Web Series (Stripper Documentary) [Part One]
Total Views 32504
Rihanna Twerking That Ass At CFDA Awards Backstage!
Total Views 71745
Lanipop Twerking That Nice BOOTY!
Total Views 41003
Jhonni Blaze Twerk
Total Views 54308
Cash Out Gets Kandi Burruss To Twerk In The Studio!
Total Views 45541
Mizz Twerksum Pulling Up In The New S550!
Total Views 87812
Ca$h Out - She Twerkin (Starring Mizz Twerksum) [Music Video]
Total Views 45426
Mizz Twerksum (Twerk Team) NAKED Selfie & Booty Shaking!
Total Views 71414
MUST SEE! Enormous SEXY Big Booty Twerks To Nicki Minaj!
Total Views 38119
AMAZING! This Robot Is Twerking It Like A REAL Human!
Total Views 43154
Mowett Ryder - Twerk Sumthin [Music Video]
Total Views 32488
Twerk Off 2014 (Augusta, GA)
Total Views 57696
Twerk WAR ZONE 2014!
Total Views 62379
Lanipop Is WINNING!
Total Views 129993
ATL Hotties Twerkin to TKO Tamanji's 'Aint Shit'
Total Views 553072
Twerk Team Thursdays!
Total Views 85595
Big Booty Twerking To 2Pac
Total Views 62351
This Girl Got A Nice Booty & She Can Twerk It Real Good Too
Total Views 27028
KiKi Rackz - She Dancin [Twerk Video]
Total Views 29535
BandKamp's 1st Lady Juicy Sha Twerk
Total Views 45871
Mizz Twerksum Booty Workout!
Total Views 24507
Twerk Party In The Hood!
Total Views 28620
Real Sexy Thot Twerking In Booty Shorts!
Total Views 67972
Lanipop Has Some Words For Mz.GripDat & Shows How Its Done In Chicago!
Total Views 68156
Lady Detroit Goes IN Twerking To 2 Chainz!
Total Views 41721
Lanipop Performs To Chella H's Song 'Ugg Boots'
Total Views 30128
Lanipop Performs To August Alsina!
Total Views 55775
Faya Dynamite Twerks Her Big Juicy Donk!
Total Views 44485
Booty Twerking In South Africa!
Total Views 63975
Mizz Twerksum Vine Booty Shake! (Probably The Best Video EVER Made In History)
Total Views 97341
Lil Darrion - Twerk That Shit [Music Video]
Total Views 43883
Zombie Bites Cheerleader On Her Twerker! [Funny Movie Clip]
Total Views 46770
MzGripDat Christmas Booty Twerk!
Total Views 32687
Hustler Kiwi Twerks For Twerk God!
Total Views 86859
Hustler Kiwi Twerks For Twerk God! [Part 2]
Total Views 80910
Thot Twerking In A Thong!
Total Views 60084
Young Dolph (feat. 2 Chainz) - Get This Money [Twerk Music Video]
Total Views 23522
Hennessey In Booty Twerk!
Total Views 55764
Butt Naked Tatted Up Dreadlock Girl Twerking Her Booty In The Weed Grow Factory!
Total Views 79764
GOOD LORD! Hail Mary Booty Twerk!
Total Views 33530
Twerking On Subway Tracks!
Total Views 22415
Twerk 4 Tea!
Total Views 33351
Lanipop Got THE BEST ASS in Chicago! (Real Recognize Real!)
Total Views 70181
Twerk Team Dancing To 2 Chainz! (Truuu!)
Total Views 31793
Chyniinua Tropical Vs Queen Pre Pre (Booty Twerk Battle) [Chicago]
Total Views 20705
Crichy Crich & Nic Brem - Pussy Twerk [Live]
Total Views 17408
FAIL! Groupies Try To Twerk With Riff Raff But He's Too Focused On How To Be The MAN!
Total Views 62093
Jhonni Blaze ULTIMATE Vine Booty Twerk Compilation!
Total Views 56971
Twerk Team ULTIMATE Vine Booty Moments Compilation!
Total Views 67404
Vine Booty Twerk Compilation Of The Week!
Total Views 75627
Elephant Man - Miley Cyrus Twerk [Music Video]
Total Views 75424
Random Dude Bum Rushes The Stage & Twerks On 106&Park Like He's Miley Cyrus!
Total Views 13297
DiamondTheBody At Club Ace of Spades After Twerkfest! [Akron, OH]
Total Views 17364
2 Arab Girls Twerking!
Total Views 46946
Wah Gwan? Nicki Minaj Twerks Her Big Donkey To Vybz Kartel 'Tek Buddy'
Total Views 34053
Latrice Booty Twerking On The Late Night!
Total Views 62597
Twerk Team Twerking To 'Act Right' By Yo Gotti! [#ViewersChoiceEdition]
Total Views 51581
Thick Chick Twerks On Her Bed!
Total Views 14443
Twerk Pass Revoked! Twerking Banned From Maryland High School Because Of Miley Cyrus!
Total Views 53701
Diamond Twerks! [Twerkfest Contestant]
Total Views 31407
Fee Fee Twerks! [Twerkfest Contestant]
Total Views 44375
Denel Eulinberg Twerks! (Twerkfest Contestant]
Total Views 56846
Twerk Fail Outside The Supper Club!
Total Views 38473
Big Freedia & Crew Twerking On Canal Street Broad Daylight!
Total Views 52948
Gay Rapper Has His Own TV Show About Twerking!
Total Views 36007
Miley Cyrus Stuffs Herself In A Suitcase! (Can She Still Twerk?)
Total Views 61961
Western Washington University Students Threw Bottles And Twerked On Police Cars In Riot! [Bellingham]
Total Views 45484
Miley Cyrus Costume For Halloween! (Girl With Tattoos All Over Her Chest Shows You How!)
Total Views 49518
Artist Stops What He's Doing To Holler At A Big Donkey Chick Twerking On Stage! 'I Love It'
Total Views 52818
Mz Charli (feat. LadyDetroit) - Twerk 4 Love [Music Video]
Total Views 41371
Miley Cyrus Twerk Action Figure!
Total Views 27160
Nicki Minaj's Twerk Out!
Total Views 35011
Mz Crazy Twerking To Rich Homie Quan!
Total Views 48727
Nay Michelle Twerks & Booty Claps! (Wifey Material?)
Total Views 85886
Queen Envi Donkey Booty Twerks To 'Hannah Montana'!
Total Views 74051
Twerk 4 College Tuition! (Brooke Jiggles Shakes Her Booty For A Scholarship)
Total Views 95065

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