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Yay Diego - Never Turn Down [Music Video]

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Weirdo Chick Is Back Twerking To Speaker Knockerz! (Is She A Thotiana?)
Total Views 45920
Katy Perry Twerking With Juicy J LIVE At iHeartRadio Festival!
Total Views 42180
Lanipop Twerking In Red Bottoms!
Total Views 52115
Twerk Queen Reloaded (De-Thick)
Total Views 74464
This Chick Twerks With Such Precision & Ease!
Total Views 131540
2 Cake Shawty Thot Twerking It Out!
Total Views 72327
HTown Shawtyy Twerking On A Chair! (This Thot Got Moves!)
Total Views 35700
2 Black Thots Twerkin' In Booty Shorts By The Couch!
Total Views 57023
Pinkk Princess Twerking In A Parking Lot!
Total Views 21286
Around The Way Jiggly Booty Thots Have A Twerk Session In Their Bedroom!
Total Views 69403
Brownn Sugar Twerking In A Leopard Print One Piece!
Total Views 55207
Tasty N Tippy Twerk Session!
Total Views 32127
Twerk Team Twerking In The Game Room!
Total Views 91892
Kara Chase Can Twerk!
Total Views 48696
Breaking News! LadyDetroit Cuts Herself From Twerkin! 'They DID Say I Was A Violent Twerker Tho!'
Total Views 86567
LadyDetroit Checkered Spandex Twerk Session!
Total Views 66036
Joseline Hernandez Tries To Host A Twerk Contest In Myrtle Beach!
Total Views 86342
Calm Down! Random Chicks On Stage Twerking & Cameraman Almost Has An Orgasm!
Total Views 59963
The Most Ratchet Twerk Contest EVER!
Total Views 58379
Must See! Every Single Ratchet Hoodrat Twerking In Broad Daylight! (Including Grandma!) [New Orleans]
Total Views 69987
PnuttButterCup Doing That Nolia Bounce Twerk!
Total Views 53280
Mizz Twerksum Onstage Wearing A Long Azz Red Dress At Twerk Or Die 3!
Total Views 30540
Booty Chair Twerk Session!
Total Views 71184
MzGripDat Twerk Compilation!
Total Views 51510
Freak Trashy White Girls On Molly Twerking It Hard Body In Public For Dollar Bills (What Hood Is This Going On At?)
Total Views 152418
WTF! Black Dude In Tight Pink Pepto-Bismol Outfit Twerking On The Queens Bound Train Like He's Sasha Fierce Or Something!
Total Views 59364
AMAZING! Look How This Stripper's Booty Twerk!
Total Views 51959
Mizz Twerksum Shows Off Her Bubble Butt!
Total Views 81373
Fernanda Ferrari Twerks While Cutting Some Wood!
Total Views 85235
Sexy Skater Girl Twerk!
Total Views 76970
Mom Forces Daughter To Hold A Sign In Booty Shorts Broad Daylight On The Corner Cause She Was Twerking At A School Dance! 'This Is Serious!'
Total Views 43875
Twerk 4 Bacon! (Brooke Jiggles Loves To Swallow The Pork)
Total Views 49760
Miley Cyrus Slaps Twerking Midget In Germany!
Total Views 52657
Mama Beats Daughter In Her Brand New Twerk Outfit!
Total Views 68237
Bobbie Mango Twerking To 'Macaroni Time' By Chief Keef!
Total Views 51410
Ms. Beautidoll Twerk
Total Views 89428
Twerk 4 Jordans! (Brooke Jiggles Booty Looks Extra Pillow Soft!)
Total Views 85127
RATCHET! Black Dude Trying Real Hard To Win That Juicy J Twerk Scholarship! [PAUSE]
Total Views 20997
2 Sexy Brazilian Chicks Twerk!
Total Views 93575
Minnie Mouse Twerking On Labor Day!
Total Views 44404
Miley Cyrus Twerking Upset Foam Finger Inventor! 'This Incident Is Not Going To Change History'
Total Views 20405
Solange Knowles Twerking On Stage!
Total Views 130482
Becky Twerking At The Hee Haw Rodeo In Booty Shorts!
Total Views 128960
Twerk BEEF! Mz Grip Dat Says There Was No Battle So Stop Fronting Lanipop! 'Keep Dat Sh** In Chi Town!'
Total Views 77323
Miley Cyrus Twerk Master Video Game! (TF Is This Crap?)
Total Views 65919
Mizz Twerksum & Friends Day In The Life! [Vine Vlog]
Total Views 45026
NASTY! Tampon In Coochie Pole Twerk! (Shawty Dancing In The Club Like She Fresh To Def!)
Total Views 34449
Twerk Contest At Mike's Party!
Total Views 73453
Ro Twerking In The Kitchen By The Stove! (But Isn't That Dangerous?)
Total Views 32142
ILP Twerk Audition #4
Total Views 63729
Twerk 4 Tasers! (Brooke Jiggles Gets Shocked In The Booty!)
Total Views 132616
Dog Trying To Twerk Like Miley Cyrus!
Total Views 60997
2 White Girls Twerking In A Caged Ring Like Untamed Savage Beasts!
Total Views 64206
White Chick Twerking With Kneepads On & Neon Green Panties!
Total Views 54629
ILP Twerk Audition #3
Total Views 73747
MercedesMorr Underwater Booty Twerk!
Total Views 72237
LadyDetroit Oily Booty Twerk
Total Views 74727
Twerk Team - F*ck With Me You Know I Got It
Total Views 95584
Where's Miley? Shouldn't This Black Girl Be Cleaning Her Room Cause She Can't Sing OR Twerk! (The Twerk Game Isn't For Everybody!)
Total Views 60547
ILP Twerk Audition #2
Total Views 85501
Player Hater Alert! Destiny's Child Singer Michelle Williams Cracks Up When Asked About Miley Cyrus' Twerking!
Total Views 35793
Cute Ciara Looking Chick Twerking To Jay Z!
Total Views 53697
News Anchors Learn How To Twerk!
Total Views 60651
Lanipop Twerking In The Junkyard To Bounce Music!
Total Views 41202
ILP Twerk Audition #1
Total Views 58724
TWERK BOMB! Caramel Kitten Jiggles Her Booty For Nerdy Dude In NYC Broad Daylight!
Total Views 132469
After Church Twerk!
Total Views 86236
Hella Big Booties Twerking In This Here Club!
Total Views 77751
RATCHET! Broke Azz Hoodrat Steals Strippers Hard Earned Tips While She Twerkin' That Booty On The Pole!
Total Views 46713
Miley Cyrus Twerking On MTV Helping Her WIN? 'My Kids LOVE Molly!'
Total Views 41910
Is Lady Detroit The QUEEN Of Detroit Booty Twerk? (& Is Her Body Real?) [Yes Or No]
Total Views 68586
Stormi Maya Twerks That Slim Booty! (Dem Tiddayz Looking Real Perfect)
Total Views 75443
The Twerk Fairy! [Warning: NSFW Adult Content 18+]
Total Views 84532
Ratchet Azz Strippers Twerking In Macon, Georgia!
Total Views 68834
Juicy J On The Rules Of Twerking, Miley Cyrus & Nicki Minaj! (Is Juicy J The KING Of Twerking?)
Total Views 54786
World's First Twerk Video EVER! (Charlie Chaplin Baby Momma Jiggles Her Booty Meat)
Total Views 115343
All This For A Twerk Battle? (Is Booty Shaking THIS Serious?) [NY Vs Chicago]
Total Views 55073
Twerk 4 Weed! (Sexy White Girl Jiggles Her Booty While Smoking Blunt)
Total Views 171362
Amber Rose Twerking In Her Wedding Dress! (Ratchetness!)
Total Views 94653
Big Booty Twerk At Taco Bell! (Is That Thang REAL?)
Total Views 41377
NASTY! Big Fat Black Dude Pops A Molly & Starts Twerking In Booty Shorts!
Total Views 20726
Twerk 4 Dead Homies! (Sexy White Girl Jiggles Her Booty At Cemetery)
Total Views 98250
Maysa Abusadas Performs LIVE On TV (Big Booty Twerk Dancers!)
Total Views 65839
Forget King Of NY! Waka Flocka Says He's The KING Of Twerking! (Teaches White Girl How Its Done!) [Pause]
Total Views 35474
Bumbaclot! Jamaican Gal Twerking On The Beach In Front Of Kids! (Luckily No One Wine Pon It!)
Total Views 67887
Twerk 4 Bars! (Sexy White Girl Jiggles Her Booty For A Tip)
Total Views 99838
Lanipop & Friend Twerking On A Rooftop & Pool Table!
Total Views 42350
MzGripDat187 Instagram Booty Twerk [Teaser]
Total Views 82702
Best Twerk Vines [August 2013]
Total Views 94740
Twerk 4 Pimps! (Sexy White Girl Jiggles Her Booty For Her Pimp)
Total Views 104837
Twerk Team Got Moves!
Total Views 121227
Mizz Twerksum Pops That Booty Then Rolls It All Over The Floor!
Total Views 74832
101 Ways To Twerk!
Total Views 18553
Kstylis - Ms D Dutch (Comedy Twerk) [Music Video]
Total Views 8388
Twerk 4 Breast Cancer! (Sexy White Girl Wants You To Check Out Her Titties)
Total Views 129595
The Other Twerk!
Total Views 22023
Miley Cyrus Rapping Now About Michael Jordan! (She Twerks AND Raps!)
Total Views 12328
Twerk 4 Cows! (Sexy White Girl Loves Beef!)
Total Views 105034
Jhonni Blaze Twerking! [Vine]
Total Views 80788
Mizz Twerksum Walking In Broad Daylight Hot N' Sweaty! (+ More)
Total Views 65972

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